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We are really pleased with the support and enthusiasm from the Brushford Community. Our store is staffed by local employees; all live nearby. Our store is located right in the middle of Brushford – we have plenty of parking with disabled access and also four-legged friends are always welcome!

Greater Exmoor Produce
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Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables and fruit always available. We also offer a fruit & Vegetable box
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Local food on your doorstep

Perhaps you are looking for a gift or something for tonights tea, Carnarvon Stores are ready to help!
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Need a drink to takeaway?

We have an in store Costa Express machine, serving hot and cold drinks, alongside our soft drinks cabinet
Our shop history

The opening of Carnarvon Stores in Brushford is a milestone which should be celebrated.  For many years the old Carnarvon Arms Garage has languished.  It has been a retail outlet since it started operation in the 1960s as a petrol filling station and shop.  Since the closure of the petrol pumps, the premises have been divided up.  Many will have used the Garden Machinery Sales & Repair shop.  Also, the Antique/ Brick-a-Brac retail outlet.  The rest of the premises are being used for car repairs. 

 It was the vision of the new owner of Carnarvon Arms Garage that a major refurbishment was overdue.  This same owner also stepped in last year to rescue the Exclusive Cake Company which had been due to close,  this trades from Northmoor Road, Dulverton.  Since this has re-opened and received new investment business has flourished.  There is a growing brand awareness of the quality of local products that are produced by the team of 5 Bakers.  This quality was recently recognised with a major regional award for one of their specialist pies by Taste of West.  Exclusive Cake Company is constrained by its location and the size of its premises but it will remain.  Carnarvon Stores provides an opportunity to expand this business.  Brushford for many years has been without a convenience store.  This new outlet will provide a range of mostly locally sourced products, such as, home made bread.  Very locally made speciality ice-creams and many other tantalising lines.

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